Thursday, March 17, 2016

#review; The Divergent Series: Allegiant - Part 1

It is sad to see another great story destroyed by a blundering film. I can't say that my impression of the film shifted much from the very first movie.

The novel trilogy, Divergent, is one of many series that manages to captivate me by the author words. But I admit that I do not remember the happenings through out the book anymore. Though I still remember much about it, that I know that the film is missing pretty obvious things.

I've decided that I'm dropping the movie from my watch list before, but still ended up watching it anyway. That's why I'm oblivious with the incoming second part of the movie, while I have expected that the movie to end with the third novel.

There's a lot of good action in Allegiant part 1, not so much from Insurgent and Divergent I guess. But I'm not going to write about that. 

Throughout the movie, I tried to make sense the main plot that the screenplay writers chooses to show us. Sadly, I left with feelings that every scenes from the movie are split apart. I can't seem to figure out the connection between the characters agenda.

Once the group make contact with the Bureau, the story come to an unexplained events. With Tris making personal visit with the Bureau leader, Four suddenly given military training, and Caleb and Peter sudden assignment. 

I haven't mention the dismissed characters that should be under the spotlight. Yes, I don't remember much from the novel, but I know enough fact that the film actually make sense to me. Imagine if I haven't read it. I don't think I'll understand much why is the Bureau staff is so unfaithful to their leader. It's like they just decided that it's alright to follow Tris and Tobias.... just because they feel like it.

I might have understand why they decided not to highlight certain scene from the book, but I can't understand why that the highlight of the book is completely disregarded. As if it's not worth mentioning, all the reason why the character are so special or different in the cause; explained like a weather report.

Although I'm glad there's less romantic action in the movies, it shock me to realize that it actually effect the characterization and the whole plot itself. Tris and Tobias didn't really have much interaction there, everything just happen as it is. The scene that shown didn't exactly tell us anything new about the couple. Just a lot of kissing. Everything went too fast with null impact.

The obvious conflict between the character are belittle. Not just between Tris and Tobias. But also between all the character in the story. Especially the one in the Bureau, whose character never really properly introduced.

They are showing what lies behind the city walls. Shows what humanity are capable of. What exactly are Divergent. Why are they different. What purpose of it all.

And they show it all when Tris goes behind the wall, what Tris went through the land, who Tris associate with, who Tris spend her time with, shows Tris gene.

All these obsession with Tris... 

Viewer didn't get their time to be surprise with the way the movie went.. Everything is just a blur of confusion, mixed together.

my rating: it was ok (★★☆)

Friday, March 11, 2016

I don't have time for this

but here I am. Typing another entry.

I guess it have something to do with my impulsive behaviour, triggered by all the happenings that happens at once, or because of the thought of being busy, or maybe I'm just tired with all this.

That's about right, if I look back at myself. It's always when I'm in a pressure of somekind that put my finger wild with motions. While my mind is whirling with uncontrollable emotions.

In a moment like these I feel that emptiness in my mind. Not really thinking but still are there in the edges. Scratching it's way to compel me onto something, but not enough to make me.

I always have something to say, whenever I'm like this. Not like when I'm open to everything, it's always a chore sometimes. But it felt great when I'm actually thinking of what to write, now I'm just withdrawing myself from my mind. Running.

Written words probably make much more sense to me than the taunting voices. That's probably why I start this, why I never given up on it. No matter what people thought of it, why other people do it. I'm sure that I'm doing this for myself. 

Yes, I've never been so sure of anything more than this.

I'm sorry for my absence, I'm not sure when I'll be able to come and say Hi to you on your blogs. But thanks for coming your way to here. It feels great to know that someone care to read bits of my lines.
Thank you.