Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Monday, April 20, 2009

"actually…. i Hate YOU!”

I hope i can say that out loud to this guy who really really annoying and the only guy in school that i hate! This guy getting into my nerve since form 1!! I donno whats wrong with this guy!! He makes me sick!!! He criticizes everyone word but not his… oh you don’t know how much i hate this guy… too much hate that i want to shut him off!!! Get off from my life wont you!!! He sounds like a toddler when someone talks bad about him cuz he’ll start to whine at us –who is having two faces-. Ha. Ha. Ha. Don’t you know i hate you too!


Monday, April 13, 2009


al-kisah ayam mahukan tulang…..

What? no school today… hm i thought i did…… stop the day dreaming its Sunday!!! Muah… now i want to sleep…….zZzZZzZZZzZZZZzZZZZZZ…
12.30…….. good morning!
Lets see what im going to do today…………………………………….
o.O nope….. no internet…T.T.T.T.T.T.T
last night i play with my camera… but that was in the house, so today i capture weird thing -everything i want- outside the house. Want to see?...... well no. i can’t get my camera connect with the pc… so no you cant see it. That picture -on your right- was taken after a storm hit our house not a while ago, and it is one of flower i capture in my camera today. Well this picture was taken with my cell phone that’s why the quality is low!! And then i get myself karaoke-ing… but its suck cuz all the song was… like… classic???? And then i sat in front of my pc…. and play games…. Pizza frenzy/Pacman!!!!! and i end it…cuz my uncle and his wife and granddaughter come by… so i go to sleep….. and then my sister burst into my room!!! She said…. “Lets go!!!”.... to where???... my sister practice her car driving skill… cuz she did not pass the driving license yet… and of course my father get mad. Whatever……

Good day!

Saturday, April 11, 2009


One, two, three……….. eight? that’s only half of us!.. and we supposed to send our chemistry folio today, when will the other send it????.. it was boring!! We don’t have Malay Language subject today.. cuz the teacher got his weekend at his house, and we have to go to school?? nnoooo its Saturday!!!! I want to go to home! Why do i have to send my chemistry folio today??? I don’t like this…. And then we were released at 1.15!!! well at lest my father pick me up at 1.20 or above.. that’s more than five minutes.. but it was surely boring and i fell sleepy all day… izz too…. He almost fall asleep.....zzZZ

Good Day!!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Ungu Melankolia

Aku mencoba merentas
mimpi yang memainku
walau hanya bertemankan cahaya bintang
hatiku tetap tabah

kelihatan bunga menari-nari ditiup angin
yang juga meniup rambut ku
membawa aku ke destinasi
yang aku tidak ketahui

sambil ku menyanyikan lagu
yang asing bagi ku
aku tertanya
bilakah ini akan berakhir?
mengapa aku masih disini?
bukankah aku terlalu lama berada disini?
apakah salahku sehingga aku dihukum sebegini?
dimanakah sebenarnya destinasi ku?

angin bertiup lebih kencang
membuka hanya lorong-lorong kemerahan
yang aku perlu lalui

sekali lagi aku terpaksa melalui
mimpi yang sebenarnya aku benci
hanya untuk kembali
bukan disini

walau kini langitku ditumpahi ungu
walu kini sinar bintang kian menghilang
aku mesti pulang
ya, aku mahu pulang


Thursday, April 09, 2009


here the bad news… my spidey is dead!!!! And it will be forever dead and never come back… so i am now unable to get onto my spidey web!! And that’s mean my life is shortened! Half of my life is gone to nowhere! My father wont buy me a new one. So start from now on i will be posting to this blog lesser than the other month…. You know what i mean… and i am now mourning for my spidey WEB…. Oh pleeeeeeesee i need the internet!!! What im going to do now! Sleepp??? Feed the chikenssssS?? And i don’t want to study!!!!!!

Good day!!!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The Day!

no good! my body moving all the times, and i didn’t memorize my speech well! i actually did memorize it but everything just disappear when i stand -alone- in front of them. Oh no!!!, there’s so many eyes looking at me!!! But that when i started… and then after a few second they back to their own job… arrghh!! They were so noisy and then there is one guy that distracts me…he was singing -with his purpose to distracting me- and he sits in front of me after my friend Ai. How could i never distract by that??? I don’t know how many mark i get yet, hope it will turn out okay. Most of the student didn’t memorize their speech, they actually read their speech, well Ai didn’t she memorize it well, and its about tuition… she said in her speech that tuition didn’t really important – o_o…………… @0@!!!! She said she take it from a book. Vee talks about pollutions if im not wrong… Effy and Rizam both talk about “joy and pains being teenager”, they copy it from the school magazine!! And Shung Tian the Chinese guy talk about music while Jun Vui about the SUN!!! –rotf- i don’t remember what Izz and the other talk about…. Well i better done my chemistry before tomorrow… wishes me good luck!

Good day!

Image [owned by me = taken at the Mosque Road, F.T. Labuan = april ]

the speech

Good afternoon to my beloved teacher Mary and my fellow friends. Today I will present you a speech that involves friendship.

Ladies and gentleman,

Why do we need friends? Friend is someone that can help we shape who we are as a persons, that's why we need friend. What is friendship?, ladies and gentleman, Friendship is our concern to our friends which might reasonably understood as a kind of love. I love my friends. But loving our friends is imperfect without a bond of trust. Yes trust. What is trust? Why should we trust our friends? Emotionally, it is where you expose your vulnerabilities to people, but believing they will not take advantage of your openness. Ladies and gentleman, A person who we call friend is not our foe or rival, we must trust our friend because undoubtedly they were central to our lives and this is because they who will shape us as we will be concerning about them.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

As I tell you before loving our friends without trusting them is imperfect for a good friendship. Why did I say that? When we love our friends, we will eventually concern about them, about their life, feelings and health, whether in physically or mentally. We will listen to their problems and help them. But then, if we do not trust them as our friend, we will be the one who have the most problems, which is because we will fell ignored and rejected and sad. This will happen if we did not trust our friend, we will be afraid to have a conversation with them, a conversation about our life. We will see our friends as rival as we did not telling the truth. We will be lying to them about our self or faking our self to be accepted by them. And mostly we will start to dislike them as we fell ignored and rejected by them.

When this happen, our standpoint and self-confident will fall, this is because a friend is the most close and intimate person after or before our family. We share everything with them, secrets, stories or activities. We laugh and cry with them, and then after we put aside our feeling of trust to them, we will start to fall apart, weather in work or education.

So, ladies and gentleman, the bad relationship of friendship could ruin our life from good to bad. As we only need to learn to trust and love our friend in the same time to hinder the bad relationship and have a good friendship.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

my speech


that's will be my subject in my speech this Tuesday. i don't know how it will go, but this speech is original by me!! and that's what make me proud. this original speech was based on my experienced in my early life.. i'm now practicing so that i dont burst into tears in my speech. i wonder why i choose this, as this is the most sensitive subject to me. i think i just accept who i am, not good in friendship. i just never in real relationship before. i dont mean the lover stuff. i just never had a real friend that really want to be my friend, and never ignore me and understand my feelings. i think it would be more complicated to have a lover as my best friend, cuz they can never understand a girl feeling in this young age. and if i ever had one, i could never trust them. its too complicated for me.

here something i found over the internet

Whispers from Eternity
A Book of Answered Prayers
1949 Edition
by Paramhansa Yogananda


Is friendship the weaving of the red strings of two hearts?
Is it the blending of two minds into a spacious one-mind?
Is it the spouting of love founts together—
To strengthen the rush of love on droughty souls?
Is it the one rose grown 'twixt twin mind-branchlets
Of one compassionate stem?
Is it the one thinking in two bodies?
Or, is it like two strong stallions,
Disparate in color and mien,
Pulling the chariot of life together
To the single goal with one mind sight?
Is friendship founded on equalities or inequalities?
Is it built on diverse stones of differences?
Is friendship the unthinkingly agreeing,
The hand in hand, blind walking of two souls,
Foolishly rejoicing in their united folly,
Falling at last into pits of disillusionment?

Friendship is noble, fruitful, holy—
When two separate souls march in difference
Yet in harmony, agreeing and disagreeing,
Glowingly improving diversely,
With one common longing to find solace in true pleasure.
When ne'er the lover seeks
Self-comfort at cost of the one beloved,
Then, in that garden of selflessness
Fragrant friendship perfectly flowers.
For friendship is a hybrid, born of two souls,
The blended fragrance of two unlike flowers
Blown together in love's caressing breeze.
Friendship is born from the very core
Of secret, inexplicable likings.
Friendship is the fountain of true feelings.
Friendship grows in both likeness and difference.
Friendship sleeps or dies in familiarity,
And decays in lusts of narrow-eyed selves.
Friendship grows tall and sturdy
In the soil of oneness in body, mind, and soul.
Demands, deceptions, sordid sense of possession,
Courtesy's lack, narrow self-love, suspicion,
These are cankers which eat at the heart of friendship.
Ah, friendship! Flowering, heaven-born plant!
Nurtured art thou in the soil of measureless love,
In the seeking of soul-progress together
By two who would smooth the way each for the other.
And thou art watered by attentions of affection
And the tender dews of inner and outer sweetness
Of the inmost, selfless heart's devotion.
Ah, friendship! Where thy soul-born flowers fall—
There, on that sacred shrine of fragrance,
The Friend of all friends craves to come and remain!

good day

Thursday, April 02, 2009

0[zero] truck slow speech

mood: frustrated

i had a stomached again today!! so sorry i cant get to school... and this counted as my fifth or fourth 0 in the attendant report... nooo i dont want any warning letter.... or demerit!!!! my merit have been -5 cuz im late to school!!! bad! that was baddd!!!
well i dont hear my phone ringing yet... hey what kind of friends i got here??? dont you love me???? those devilish friend... hmp! how could youuu!!....please call me i need to know what happen there.. in that jail school. well...give my greet to the teachers!!!

and now.. theres a big  -i dont know what its name- truck in my house backyard... i mean near to my house backyard that is full with trees... and that truck is destroying the trees!!.... what!! how could you destroy those trees... they were beautiful!! and where will the birds and squirrel live?? where the squirrel will jump on? and the birds nest?? whose your boss?

this is bad... why do i have to live with this super badbad slow connection! and its disconnecting itself!!! this is making my life harder!! i cant even open more than 1 site >o< and i have to wait 10 minutes to open a site!!! X o X

i have to make a speech and i dont know a thing to get it ready.... im thinking about music or art... i donno how it would went.... i only have 5 -or so- day before the speech maybe i'll prepare last minutes...

and now i have to think the post title ~.~. hmmmm.....

good day

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Happy April 1st

I like this new layout!
tips for viewing the new layout!


sudikah berkawan
ku lambai tangan
kau balas lambaian

sudikah berkawan
ku tanya soalan
kau beri jawapan

sudikah berkawan
ku ingin teman
engkau menemankan

sudikah berkawan
ku dalam kesusahan
dimana pertolongan