Saturday, June 27, 2009

kmu tau....

ath kan
pndai berkarya.....
tpi boleh" ja lah....
jemput singgggah
meng'ayat' kita


see... kana ceramah sudah....
"4 burung untuk satu batu" daddy
 maksud nya:!! bacalah....
oleh krn result add math aku yg sgt" lah teruk.. aku kna ceramah olh babah aku... daddy memg 'tere' klu pasal math tp bari ijab kan betanya arah nya...
"klu add math baik otomatik fizik dan math ikah baik...." daddy
 ya fizik gua pun nyawa" ikan.... apa inda.. mun tau tulis nota jak...
"kimia pun ada math" daddy
 tapi alhamdulillah Chemist aku okay.... hahaha!!!! 
mals lerr ath mau smbung crita nie.... bye

good day...

Luka Parah

aku mengubah diriku
dari seorang yang 'lama'
ke seorang yang 'baru'
niat diri hanyalah untuk mengubat
hati yang terluka sekian lama
hati yang luka ini
menjadi lebih parah
tiada yang memahami

Monday, June 22, 2009

so.. 3 days has passed and now im going to write what i has been done during the camp hehehe...

day first...

its friday.. my teacher drove us to the place - PUSKOWILA- . but since her -husband- car can only load 4-5 person at time so we have to wait... and as i predicted, we -me and zira- was the only girl who attend this camp...

we made to the location at time... place our bag and then register our name... and then we have the bag check up... hehehe.. everything restricted to bring to the camp including fast food are dispossess?... well i have none of those kind of thing...

the first day.. i've seen faces that i should know... well i should, and i pretend to dont... cuz i absoulutely dislike those faces...

all of us were place in different team... they seperate us from our schoolmates.. well for some reason.. my team has total 3 person from our school... hahaha what a relief ... i dont like this... at first i was in team 8, but the coach make me go to team 10 cuz he saw same schoolmates in the team... although me and zira was in the different team but we still in the same camp with Alex from St. Anne...

i cant belive this.. my english has gotten worst.. look there! theres a broken english!!!

the next day...

will be updated

Thursday, June 18, 2009


i can believe im actually packing for tomorrows camping although its only 50%... i dunno where i get this 'desire' to go to 'this camp' cuz i have total one person only -a friend-  to attend this camp... well thats better than none...
"Perkhemahan Bina Insan Sekolah Menengah 2009" this is the camp title.. held for three day starting 19th June until 21st June... it said to have paintball and kayaking activities, but im not so sure about that cuz this week is our first week after the school break... so now im packing up and looking forward for tomorrow..

Sunday, June 14, 2009

today as typo.... nope

hello.... ts the end of my holy glory day!!!
yes the school break is over.. thats mean my time in the prison is overr...nooo... i rather stay in my prison than the school... it schoolllll... i say it once more SCHOOOLLLLLLL!!! do u know wht thats means??? of course you dont... you dont know how my life screw up in that schoollll.. and yeah my history note wasnt even touched when im in my prison... no... i dont want to.... cuz i will meet a daredevil .. and something like an egg that can make my father mad... huhuhu................. i was crying......

Thursday, June 11, 2009


hanya tinggl 3 hari saja lagi tuk g start skolah.... dan 3 hari lagi dpt result yg gila gila... x mungkin smua subjek lulus for me... especially +Math... huhuhu..... LK nda tau lagi apa kejadiannya.... memang nda "shock" la klu gagal.... uuuwwweeii... nda mau skola.......

4 Gigih 2009
kelas baru ku...

new video(2) @ u-t-ub

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Memori akhir 2008

jeng jeng... inilah kerja budak" 3A 08 selepas PMR... Chess ja kerajanya... sma UNO game!!... hux3x tp nda pa la walaupun buring best jua dapat freedom main game... shooting movie pun ada... hahaha lucu nya... nda mau sambung la post ni... bye...........

Sunday, June 07, 2009

lalala!!!!!!!!!! aaa!!!!!

Mousukoshi....  /click/

keburingan yang melampau!!!


soshite kizuita toki ni kangaeteru no wa kimi no koto de
sore ga sugoku hazukashikattari
sugoku iyadattari omoete
sore wa boku ga kimochi wo tsutaeru koto ga kowai kara de

atama de osaetsukete mo kokoro ga dousuru koto mo dekinakute
autabi ni kimi ni satorarenai youni
itsumo to kawarinai youni hanashiteru tsumori de

yoyuu mo nakute kurushiku natta boku wa
kimi ni uso wo tsuiteshimau dakedo

mou sukoshi mou sukoshi
kimi no kokoro ni chikazuitara
mou sukoshi mou sukoshi
ima kono toki ga kienai youni

douka kamisama boku ni yuuki wo kudasai


When I noticed I was thinking about you...
I felt very embarassed
And I really hate that feeling
That's because I'm afraid to convey my feelings

Even though I suppress it in my head I can't do anything about my heart
I don't let you notice it when we meet
So it can be normal how I plan to talk to you

To act so composed has started to hurt
Lying to you I will put away... but

A little more... A little more...
If I can get closer to your heart
A little more... A little more...
So that this moment won't end

Please God, give me courage

lagu jns apa ni??

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Home Sweet Home....

kunun la.....

visit >>
you can find my home!!!!

visit >>
its the home... [newly make]

muahahahaha!!!!!! holy-day

that wasnt a laugh... thats a cry!!!!

29 May!!!! end of my mid year exam....... and now today is my mid year school break!!!! its holiday!!! ohh shut upp shut up... i wont be happy with this "school break", cuz i have totally super-ly nothing to do...... yeah and thats mean i can only sit at home and watch tv.... SHUT UP! i do have "TV" but, no, i dont have the channel!!!!! not a single!!!


am i being curse?? every time i have some kind of "holy-day" i always stuck at home.... nothing much to do.... i want to fly away!!!! somewhere fun to be at..... this house is nothing like a good life... this is a prison for me!!!! dai kirai da wa!!!