Wednesday, June 03, 2009

muahahahaha!!!!!! holy-day

that wasnt a laugh... thats a cry!!!!

29 May!!!! end of my mid year exam....... and now today is my mid year school break!!!! its holiday!!! ohh shut upp shut up... i wont be happy with this "school break", cuz i have totally super-ly nothing to do...... yeah and thats mean i can only sit at home and watch tv.... SHUT UP! i do have "TV" but, no, i dont have the channel!!!!! not a single!!!


am i being curse?? every time i have some kind of "holy-day" i always stuck at home.... nothing much to do.... i want to fly away!!!! somewhere fun to be at..... this house is nothing like a good life... this is a prison for me!!!! dai kirai da wa!!!

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