Sunday, November 07, 2010

Scanning Own Hair

ahaha.. its in my draft!


is it really mine? or just a joke to fool on me?...

its been a while i left Boomber. Now I'm back!
and now... i think i might left Boomber again.. for a month or more.. because i got exam and i need to have A in every subject.. well... I don't think i can make it or have enough time for revising... but i still can try! because I know can handle it if I ever want to.. 2 weeks left... and i got 10 subject to revise them twice... how's that going to be... well, i've been thinking to revise the compulsory subject first.. as the paper goes first.

Of all those talk... I'm actually still not doing anything... Its not like I dont want to... I just dont know where to start.. Like before when i take the LSA(lower secondary assasement(PMR)) I remember that I didn't even touch my books.. well Its turn out suck.. because I know I can do better than that.

So. Why am I still sitting here? It sucks... i don't really know whats the sucks all about but it just suck... like a shit... Do I really need to study all those... we wouldn't gonna remember them at all when we grown up... but why is it so important?

and now I'm scared of leaving school... I feel sick now and then... but I don't really want to be in school.. no... I'm not.

Have a Good Day and Luck