Thursday, January 27, 2011

Congratulation Your Smithing Level Is Now 1

This is my recent 'Project', and it is one of many 'projects' that I completed!
Wait wait wait!! pa ba ko ckp ni?

So, last week I have this thought of making a cloth hanger stand. Yea~ make a cloth hanger stand out of metal by myself. Why would i even think of this? well... i don't have a big wardrobe you see.. and it full with my older sisters wears.. and I have this habit of throwing my cloth like.. everywhere / anywhere in my room... you can just imagine how its look like...

so what I NEED is:::

  • a semi circle and cylindric metal
  • a seesaw
  • a hammer
  • an anvil
  • smelting furnace 

what I HAVE are:::

  • a semi circle and cylindric metal : oh yeeeaaa
  • a seesaw
  • a hatchet..........
  • a brick............
  • and a heap of garden rubbish....................
well then.. i still manage to make it.. its nothing that hard really... i just need to flatten the end of the metal  and punch 3  hole on each ends.. that makes it 6.. And now all I need is a Hanger. I have tons of clothing but I only have a dozen hanger... 

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Let Me Google That for You

This is the Best Answer for annoying question that can be Google.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Kamu Tahu? | Elektrik Natural

Lightning can give enough electricity to a light bulb to last 100 years.

Not updated since last year... I must be dead....

after waiting for 2 days 3 hours and 21 minutes... the Post Editor finally stop loading~!
Wow That Fantastic!

So, now I missed Halloween tricks, Christmas trees and New Year speech... great! Well at least I don't missed to wish Selamat Hari Thaipusam... This is awkward. I know its not like I have any readers but sorry for leaving you Boomber.. You've must be lonely. And since January haven't end yet, please me to wish all of you a Happy New Year.

Now, lets tell stories of my absent. 
:Where'd you gone to?
:WTF? That thing would not draw all of your attention from me!
Yes, you're right. But they have 'Games' that zyanga make. And an old Friends of mine.
Okay! Okay! I fell in love with tumblr. Satisfy?
:How could you? So, I believe you never visited me once.. Right?
Of course I visit you. How could I not... And 2 month ago I updated your sister didn't I.
:Well then, How about me?
Uh.. drafted?.
I just don't have the 'mood' and hot stuff to feed you.. I'm So Sorry!
:So, How's your life without me?