Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Logging in To Maxis

I was just happily surfing the web when I'm suddenly redirected to that unwanted page.... yeah. I thought I have like 2GB quota left for peak hour because the cycle just started a few days ago so that actually irritates me a lot..

I just recently subscribed to this plan so the date confuse me. I went to the maxis website to sign up a new account. This was practically my 3rd or 4th account. And then I clicked directly at the Data Usage tab, I just want to make sure that I really did use up my quota.

So what I see is extra surprising.

My bill cycle was actually on 17th! That's like over a week now. But the most surprising thing that make me want to puke blood is this.

What in heaven am I looking right now?
It was unexpected, I don't really really expect this. I don't think I will use up all 5GB in just a single week! It's not that I'm not a heavy surfer, in fact I surf a lot in the off peak hour! Just so that I can lightly surf in the morning too!

So I think it's because I shared my internet with practically everyone in my house. And they don't really care about my lovely quota. I want to cry. I am so cautious when surfing in day time~

BUT that's not why I'm surprise at all. The real reason is the 5GB itself. When I registered my new subscription. I am pretty sure that it wasn't wrote 20GB. I signed for just the 8GB plan! This was shocking me to dizziness.

For 20GB I have to pay RM100 per month. Now, where in the world I get those 100? I'm just a fresh graduates who doesn't even have a job yet! My parents don't even give me pocket money! This is like forcing me to subscribe the freaking plan~

What? It's just a slight mistake? No! This is force! The first bill is invoiced already and I'm going to have to pay that!

Well, before I'm paying the bills, I'm going to complaint and ask them first. ^^

Monday, June 23, 2014

Missing Entry #1

In my 5th semester, we had this 3 days course teaching us about the internet '1Citizen'. We've learned a lot actually, although it is only in general and mostly public knowledge. But the course will provide us this certificate, so I'll just take it.

We had our poly marathon that day so it's actually an excuse to not join the marathon. 

The course thought us about the general policy things around the internet and just about everything. For example not to surf porn website, not to download copyrighted stuff, something about intellectual policy, and things about ethic.

Yeah, its pretty basic stuff and I think everyone knows it, or maybe not.

Because I just know that's a lot of people gets something from the internet and use it without any kinds of credits. Or if you want to see more immoral activities/action on the internet, just log on to facebook. There's a lot of example in there.

It's not just facebook though. They are everywhere.

And the pirate of course. How many human being who had access to the internet have not yet become a pirate? 

So the course had this activity for making a portfolio, that's what they called it. In this portfolio every participant will make something that is related to our course. There's a lot of categories and one must only have 1 entry. It can be individual or a group of 3. The best portfolio of all participant will be awarded. It's like a competition for the whole country.

The categories was actually pretty open, there writing, pictures, music, and video. I thinks there is more but i can't remember because there's just a lot of categories.

I thought I was going to make a video, so I tried. The first video I made was actually better than what I send in, but I think it was a little bit out topic and I'm not really confidence with it. It was midnight when I decide to create a new totally different video. We were given only one night to complete the video, I was hopeless and tired and then I ended up putting just anything inside the video to complete it. 

The video was in black and white!

I put in some background song in the morning before submitting it in. Don't really care about it by that time. If the instructor gave me more time or one more day at the least, it wouldn't be in black and white. >.<

So after we submit our work we had our test and get our cert!

I was attending another course that time, when they called me, telling me I've won third place.

That's quite of a surprise. It's embarrassing! But whatever I've won something for that small effort. ^^ The 1st place was from UPSI, 2nd from UTM and I'm from Poly! It's always nice to bring honor to Poly! There's other Poly students from different category who've won. 

Yeah, never underestimate Poly students!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

2 Years Later

I did not change much. ^^
I don't know if that is a good thing or not, because the past me is not really a good person and that past person is still the same after 2 year.

Hmm.. Well, I kind of did change a bit. But I'm not going to share that today. Today, I'm going to share the 2 year missing entries.

So where do I start?
I studied in Poly for 3 years actually, but I haven't updated this blog ever since my second year there. It's not that I don't have time, I actually had A LOT of time to write an entry, I just couldn't.

I lived in a hostel, so students must have roommates. My roommate for my third semester was another girl from different class but same department and same batch, we actually friend.

But she had a lot of other friends, like I said it in the previous entry, I'm never their favorite person. We stayed in the 3rd floor, but her friends was in the second floor and my classmates was in the ground floor.

So since I'm not a social person from the start, I will always left out from their 'activities'. It's kind of sad if I think of it too much, but I'll just get use to it.

If, for some reason they assume that it was my fault for not socializing or interacting with them, I wouldn't blame them. It's their right to say whatever they wanna say, but they should have known that one of their friend was not happy, if they really considered my existence.

It's not that I never come there to their hangout spot, I always did but not that often. I'll just come there and say hi and sit for a bit and then went back up to my empty room. I tried right?

There is time when they decide to sleep in my room. Because since my roommate have no interest for staying in our room, I have the room for myself for the entire night and day. My friend might took pity on me, so they stay for the night.

That's all for this entry I guess. See ya.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Awake from Slumber

It's been Two whole year since my last update in this blog. No, I have not yet abandoned this lonely blog. I can't never have the heart to delete this. No no no.

So I guess I might want to start blogging stuff happening throughout my life. Because, well just because. It's going to be another boring life centered blog. You've been warned yeah.

Why haven't I update for this past 2 year you ask?
Well, first of all, I have made many weblog before I even went to study in poli. Then, when I came there, I made a lot more weblog because of something else and insecurity? It's confusing alright. Okay lets just say I wanted to update my blog but, I don't want to post it inside this blog so I made another new blog. Get what I'm saying?

But of course even with those new blog I can't and don't keep my update constant. I can't even tell you the exact reason of why. It's not just blog, I can't do anything that I happily did when I'm back home. For example like gaming? Editing videos and stuff, web design, or making models, WRITING!, I can't even draw a simple head!

I don't know why I can't do it around people. Is it something about trust? And I get this really annoying sickness where I wanted to do something really bad(like drawing), but I can't make myself do it and I ended up on my bed for the whole day, being a zombie, because I wanted to draw and I can't.

I have this blog, a facebook, a youtube channel, LJ, twitter, tumblr, dA, and whatever social website out there that I used to hang a lot including those forums, but I hardly look at them in those 2 year. I am soo feeling lonely because of my inability to express myself like I do now. I guess that's why I become a zombie.

Did I not have friend in poli?
Of course I had them. But I guess I'm not their favorite person.

That's all, hope I'll update again this evening, or tomorrow.