Sunday, September 06, 2015

Full House

I havent got time to update my blog yesterday. Not that I update solslum much these days anyway. My house is currently full at the moment. 

My sister cameback from N9 to rest after birthing her 3rd child. She insist to come home here to my mother, rather than making our mother travel to N9. My cousin will also be staying here tonight, they are bringing along the nephew and neices! Thats 5 kids in one time. Include me it will be 6!

We havent got this many kids at home for a while now. With the exception of the kitties, even though kitties can destroy the place like no kids can.

I also starting to be active again in my deviantart. But that a slow process. I have been wanting to write my reviews on one of my favorite book. Eon. But I think I need to read that again before writing the full review. 2nd read will be awesome because the book is worth it! The problem is I dont know when I'm gonna start reading. I havent been reading books for weeks now, probably months.

This probably means that I'm out of my depressive mind, and I'm liking it. But I cant help to miss reading. I feel like I dont have enough time to live this life, because theres so many things that I wanna do. I just hope this doesnt end so quickly.

Thanks for reading.

Friday, September 04, 2015


Few weeks ago, I've tried a lot of country code top level domains like, .bg, .fr, .sy including our country code domain .my. I am very sure that .my does exist! I just forgotten to write about it. So now I'm writing.

I've realize that now, .com is replace to our ccTLD .my automatically when loading. That is new. Though it's only happen to .com and not other ccTLD. Like if I use, I will be accessing my blog through UK domain instead.

Now, all Malaysian blogger, that still use .blogspot sub-domain can introduce their blogs as!

I use to—and probably still—prefer to use search engine rather that, but that because I often search something that need to be search internationally. You might not realize it, but sometimes the search result is different from each other. Even though its the same search engine.

I strongly disapprove with the "Google's New Logo". I don't like it. I was very startled to even see the icon  . It don't feel like Google at all. I don't like the block lettering and serif is practically Google's image but now it's not anymore. I want serif back in the image!

Thursday, September 03, 2015


Cats are hunters by nature. Even your scaredy house cat is a hunter. They often sleep lazily in the morning until in the mid afternoon but then wake up and bring forth destruction to the home decor until they fell back to sleep again.

We used to have 20 cats at one time. I have no clue how we feed that much of meoutwh . More of them was stray cats. We don't often lock them up, because I don't believe that cats should be lock up. I called it a cruel way to house a cat. Unless of course if we are leaving the town and have to house the cat at relatives home.

I used to believe that you shouldn't take a photograph of your cats, because it will die. That's why there is not really much of cats photo from long ago. Now though, the memory card is full with cats images.

Our house is having less and less of parasite like cockroach and rats. Because those preys are the main toys for our house cats. They are ruthless! They like to play with their prey, only few would try to eat them. Often I found dead things laying on the ground somewhere..

I used to play with the shy Millipede, but that insect could barely crawl in the house now, it will already turn onto a kick ball by these fluff monster.

Cats are worse than babies. But they're still fluffy and adorable. unfair.

Wednesday, September 02, 2015


Test mail. Test mail. One. Two. Three.

Okay I've always wanted to try this mail2blogger thing but never did. So this is probably my first post from mail2blogger. This isn't that different than using blogger dashbord itself though.

Mail2Blogger feature has been there for so long. But since I never had a full time internet access through my phone, I don't really have the need to post it from my mail.

It's a bit easier to write using email application. That is depends on your app though. I'm currently using the native email app for my samsung tab. It don't have rich text editor-which means that it's boring-but who care about rich text huh? And I haven't got any idea how to put images in this email. I probably can't anyway. 

It is easier because I don't have to wait for blogger to load, since it blog post editor isnt really a light script. I often don't post anything through my phone to any of my blogs. Only when in time of desperation! But if I do it this way-using mail2blogger-I might continue to do it like this. Well that is a big MAYBE.

To use this feature go to your blog Settings > Mobile and email > Email > Fill in the secret word for your email setting. You will be sending to this email. Start sending your email entry!

That is all. Thank you. Good day.

Tuesday, September 01, 2015


I don't have that lovely/sweet/melodic voice but I like to sing & karaoke. I use to fill up my youtube channel with my horrid voice. Usually singing Japanese songs.

We don't have karaoke setup at home anymore, but we still sing without a functioning microphone. 'We' meant me and my sister. The big old-time speaker had turned into a home deco now. 

When I was still studying, my classmates used to brought me along to the k-box. I never felt sorry for them, even if I sound horrid to them, no matter.

Theres alot of karaoke places here in Labuan, but there's also pubs and clubs. I often don't know which is what. So I rather not go to any of them. That's why I only karaoke at home, in these four walls of my room. 

My neighbor might complain inwardly. Haha. But it's better now that I can't use the mic and the loud speaker. 

This is my reason for not updating solslum for some time now, other than preparing for the convocation. I've been singing on Sing! for days. Haha. It's a good place/way to scream your throat out.

If you ever wanted to listen to my voice come and see me:

Here is my favorite pick for karaoke-ing since forever. Haha. Beware Don't Put Your Volume Up Too Much!