Wednesday, February 24, 2016

World Spay Day

What is Spay/Neuter? 
The term neutering refers to a minor operation to remove the reproductive organs of the male and female animal, while spaying is specific to female animals.

Why Spay/Neuter is Important? 
Stray Animal Population Control
Health Benefits
Behavior Benefits

Is it Legal?
Yes. And it was issued by JAKIM (July 2002) that it is Harus to neutered or spayed your pets in order to maintain the health and welfare of both the animals and the community.

Be Responsible! Stop poisoning and killing animals. Act like a human with akal for once. The solution for your problem with too many cats around your perumahan pooping on your lawn is obvious.

Source: Instingt Pet Groomer ... spelled with a 'g': From Klinik Kembiri: Malaysia's Non-Profit Spay/Neuter Clinic
Source: World Spay Day

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